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Sabtu, 16 Maret 2013

Misao [Horror Game]


Misao adalah game horror indie gratis seperti The witch house , Mad Father dan ib
Seperti biasa, game game seperti ini memberikan storyline yang sangat menarik dan ending yang beragam.
berikut ini storyline singkatnya :
Find me...
Misao had been missing for three months when Aki awoke to the sound of her classmate's voice. Most of her peers thought Misao to be dead. When a mysterious earthquake shakes the school Aki goes to, she and her classmates - as well as their homeroom teacher Mr. Sohta - are teleported into another dimension. Aki's classmates blame Misao's Curse and Aki sets out to collect the six missing parts of Misao's body to break the curse.


Game ini juga anime based gitu lho,jadi ya keren lah
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